Slots Plus Bonus

If there is one thing you should enjoy while playing your favorite card and slots games via Slots Plus Casino then that will be the bonuses offered by the site. These are classified into different categories with explanations on how you can claim your instant bonus.

Initial Deposit Bonus

This is the so-called 125% bonus for the initial deposit you made to become part of the real game in Slots Plus Casino. How does this work? You basically have two options in here. As for the first option, you can deposit $20 to $100 for your initial game and earn 125% of what you have deposited within that deposit bracket.

For the second option, on the other hand, wherein your initial deposit ranges in between $101 and $100,000, you automatically get a bonus of $125 for the first 100 while the remaining amount of your deposit will be multiplied by 25%. Say for instance, your initial deposit is $500. In here your bonus will be computed as follows: $125 + [($500-$100) x 25%] = $125 + 100 = $225. This will then give you a total of $725 on your bank.

Claiming the initial deposit bonus is actually easy. You simply have to download the software then make your initial deposit within the said ranges. From there, the bonus will be automatically credited to your account.

Other bonuses from Slots Plus Casino

Aside from getting an initial deposit bonus from Slots Plus Casino, you are also entitled to other bonuses such as:

  1. 15% bonus. You are entitled to this one once you have opted to deposit funds on your Slots Plus Casino account using the preferred methods of the site. These are NETeller, eWallet Xpress and InstaDebit. The 15% bonus is limited up to $500 only. NETeller and InstaDebit, however, do not provide such bonus to Canadian, Turkish and US players.
  2. Bonuses for existing players. Once you become a player of Slots Plus Casino, you are entitled to other bonuses to your account. These are as follows:
  3. $100 weekly reward. This is given off by Slots Plus Casino to 10 lucky players of the site. You can ask the company’s customer service department on whether or not you are already entitled to this bonus. You can check if you are the winner through the site’s newsletter.
  4. Quick verification bonus. In here, you simply have to update your file to enjoy benefits offered by the site. A special bonus also comes with this option from Slots Plus Casino.
  5. Slots Plus Loyalty Program bonus. You will be entitled to this one once you place a wager to your account with Slots Plus Casino. From your wager, you can start accumulating comp points. This will then entitle you to either Silver or Gold or Platinum level bonus.
  6. Refer a friend. A bonus of $20 will be given for each friend you refer to Slots Plus Casino. Make sure your friend deposits at least $50 to his real account with the site.

Now that you have known more about the various bonuses you can enjoy from your real account with Slots Plus Casino, you will certainly be interested to start playing through the site. Check out general rules and regulations pertaining to these bonuses as well.